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May 11, 2023

Meet Karroll Payne, MD, OBGYN

Social media is rife with claims, clips and memes about women’s health and how to “balance” hormones among other pertinent issues. How can women listen to their bodies, get the best care they can and build a relationship with a physician who will really listen? Karroll Payne, MD, is an OBGYN at Our Lady of the Angels Hospital in Bogalusa, Louisiana. She joins hosts Ben and Lexi on The Doctor Will Hear You Now podcast to get to the bottom of some of these viral videos that say all kinds of things about women’s hormones and women’s health.

Dr. Payne shares some practical tips for making sure women get the most of their visits to the doctor and explains how she communicates with her patients.

Some Women’s Health Questions Answered on the Episode

- How can I make sure my doctor is hearing me at my appointment?

- What does it mean to balance hormones for women?

- How do women’s hormones change over a lifetime?

- Do diet and exercise help hormone health in women?

- What should I do if I don’t think my doctor is listening to me?

- What does listening have to do with health and wellness?

- What are screenings for women’s health, and why should I get screened?

Read more from Dr. Payne on our blog.

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