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May 25, 2023

Miraculous. Our guest today had a stroke when she was only 36 years old. Lauren and Jeremy Pogue share their powerful story of surviving a stroke, and what it’s like to receive treatment at a comprehensive stroke center. On our last episode, we met Ruth K. Fredricks, MD, a neurologist and neuro-oncologist who is co-medical director of St. Dominic Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center and Amber Herron, the center’s program manager. Both professionals provided care for Lauren after her stroke.

Hosts Ben and Lexi hear Lauren’s story, with help from Lauren’s husband who recounts much of the story from his perspective as a flight paramedic. Lauren’s story on The Doctor Will Hear You Now podcast will inform you and inspire you as you hear an incredible story of hope after devastating illness.  

Remember: If You Suspect Stroke, BE FAST

B – Balance. Having trouble walking or with coordination?

E – Eyes. Seeing double or experiencing vision issues?

F – Face. Try to smile. If the smile is crooked, with one side of the face drooping, it may be a stroke.

A – Arms. Raise both arms in the air. If the arms are uneven and one can’t be held up for long, it may be a stroke.

S – Speech. Attempt to repeat a simple phrase. If speech sounds odd or slurred, it may be a stroke.

T – Time. Don’t waste another second. Call 911 immediately.

More Information

- Remember, if you suspect a stroke, dial 911—EMS can start treatments immediately when they get to you

- Read more of Lauren's story, see a photo of her back on her horse and a picture of the painting she mentions at:

- Learn more about the Comprehensive Stroke Center at St. Dominic’s website


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