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Jun 6, 2024

Primary care is personal. Lauren Barfield, MD, a primary care provider with Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group, discusses the importance of primary care and building a relationship with a primary care provider. She explains the differences between primary care specialties such as internal medicine and family practice. 

Dr. Barfield emphasizes the role of primary care in preventive care and the early detection of chronic diseases. She highlights the financial benefits of investing in primary care and the long-term cost savings. 

Dr. Barfield also discusses the importance of trust, listening, and building relationships with patients. She shares examples of how primary care providers can support patients during challenging times. 

Additionally, Dr. Barfield mentions the use of technology, such as digital health tools and remote monitoring, in primary care. She encourages listeners to take the first step in seeking primary care and building a relationship with a trusted provider. 

Key Moments: 

  • Primary Care Roles – 3:02 
  • Why Young Adults Need a PCP– 9:27 
  • How Primary Care Can Save You Money – 13:48 
  • Yes, And – Women Need an OB/GYN and a PCP – 19:56  
  • How Technology is Changing Primary Care – 29:18 
  • Why You, Yes You, Need a PCP – 33:06 

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