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Jun 22, 2023

Sure, no one looks forward to a colonoscopy, but this effective and important screening is far easier to deal with than colon cancer. This is the overall message of Kelly Finan, MD, and Asif Talukder, MD, Board Certified colon and rectal surgeons with Our Lady of the Lake Health. On this episode of The Doctor Will Hear You Now, Dr. Finan and Dr. Talukder share why they are passionate about the work they do, and why they are optimistic about the future of colorectal health, especially in our region.

Dr. Finan and Dr. Talukder both understand some of the feelings that may come up when considering colorectal health and speak openly and honestly on this episode about how they try to make the uncomfortable as comfortable as possible. Our region is a hot spot for colon and rectal cancers, and our doctors are sensitive to the impact of these diseases for our communities. On this episode, you’ll hear lots about how colorectal cancers are treated as well as lots of information about prevention.

Colorectal Health Resources for You

- Learn when you should be tested for colorectal cancer. Take the colorectal cancer risk assessment online here.

- At what age should people get a colonoscopy? Read up on the changing ages for recommended colorectal screenings here. (Hint: 45 is the new 50.)

- Read more about your options for comprehensive colon and rectal care on our blog here.


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