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Jul 20, 2023

Most of us don’t want to dwell on death—thinking about our loved ones passing away or the end of our own lives—even though we are aware it’s part of life. But when it comes to our or our loved ones’ medical decisions at the end of our lives, it’s good to have wise and caring counsel to help us understand our situation and our options. 

Mary C. Raven, MD, is Board Certified in both internal medicine and hospice and palliative care. Dr. Raven joins Ben and Lexi on The Doctor Will Hear You Now to talk about caring for patients (and their families) at the end of life. Dr. Raven explains how there are practical considerations—like an advance care directive and healthcare power of attorney—plus relational considerations, including assessing a patient’s wishes and quality of life.

With many years of experience in hospice and palliative care, Dr. Raven knows how to discuss these topics with clarity and compassion, all while carefully listening to the needs of her patients. We’re confident you will leave this conversation well informed and comfortable with a sometimes difficult topic.  

End of Life Resources for You

- Our health system offers an advance care directive booklet you can download here:

-Learn more on our blog: Tips on Making a Living Will Because Peace of Mind is Planning Ahead and Listening to Patients During End-of-Life Care

- Healthcare power of attorney paperwork is available here:

- Read more about advance care planning here: Advance Care Planning for Patients

Palliative Care Questions Answered on the Episode

- What is palliative care? How is it different than hospice care?

- Where can I get an advance care directive or a healthcare power of attorney?

- How does my age or stage of life impact how I think of advance care planning?

- Who makes the decisions about the end of my life?

- Thinking about death makes me upset. Why should I spend time and energy thinking about end of life care? 

- How do my personal values come into play when thinking about end of life care? 


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