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May 23, 2023

BE FAST: Know the Signs, Understand the Treatments

Stroke is a leading cause of death in Mississippi and Louisiana, but strides have been made to reduce the impact of stroke in patients and prevent stroke in those at risk. Ruth K. Fredricks, MD is a neurologist and neuro-oncologist who is co-medical director of St. Dominic Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center; Amber Herron is the center’s program manager. These professionals join hosts Ben and Lexi on The Doctor Will Hear You Now podcast to discuss what are the major causes of stroke as well as what advances have been made to treatment options and outcomes for stroke patients. On this episode, you’ll also learn the symptoms of a stroke are and what to do (don’t drive yourself to the hospital and call 911).

Some Stroke Health Questions Answered on the Episode

- What are the signs that someone is having a stroke?

- What does the acronym BE FAST stand for, and how does it help if a stroke is suspected?

- What are the “big five” health risk factors that are associated with strokes?

- Are there lifestyle changes that can be made to help prevent stroke?

- What is the “Don’t Drive; Dial” campaign and why is it important?

More Information

- Remember, if you suspect a stroke, dial 911—EMS can start treatments immediately when they get to you

- Read our blog on stroke: Protect Your Brain: Stroke Signs, Symptoms and Treatment, which also includes more about the acronym, BE FAST

- Learn more about the Comprehensive Stroke Center at St. Dominic’s website

- Hear more from Lauren and Jeremy Pogue in our next episode. Last year, Lauren experienced an uncommon type of stroke and experienced a miraculous recovery in part thanks to the care she received from St. Dominic’s.


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